7 ways on how to gain weight fast for girls successfully

Nowadays we mention that too many girl busy to loss her weight.They worried if they weight increase even 1kg.So we look many product,guide and personal advice in the market is ready to give the best solution to weight loss.But did you know some people need gain her weight just because she has emaciated problem.And about 11% has this problem especially girls.So today i would like to share with you 7 killer secret tips on how to gain weight fast for girls.

Set a target
Before you run the weight gain program, first you need to specify how much weight do you want and make sure your target is still within the optimum and normal limits that do not lead to obesity.

Note and understand the formula
For who want to gain her weight they must know completely with this formula. 70-20-10 is a sacred figure for those who want to increase the weight. This figure represents the composition of food should you banquet, which is 70% lean protein, 20% of calories from carbohydrates, and 10% (or less) healthy fats. Count the number of calories in food is not only done for those who are dieting. To increase body weight, keep their calories in the body is greater than the calories later trimmed daily activities.

Healthy diet
Adding weight does not mean you are free eat whatever and whenever. You should also pay attention to health by avoiding foods with saturated fats or saturated fats. If your target is not met and thus the weight is decreasing, check yourself to the doctor to ensure no health disorders.

Eat and drink more variety fruit
If the diet is recommended to eat or drink the juice from one type of fruit, then you are gaining weight should abstain juice made ​​from all kinds of fruit. As a result, the body has filled but still healthy.

Avoid drinking while you eat
Drink while you eat is not a good for your health especially for your digestion process.The best way that I recommend on how to weight gain fast for girls is drink a little plain water before you eat and drink a glass of water after you already finish your meal.its more systematic and your food will flow to your body nicely.

quit smoking
If observed, the majority of active smokers have a slender body. This is due to chemical substances in cigarettes can press the appetite. So do not be surprised if many who choose to not eat rather than fast smoke.

Snacking any nutritious before sleep
How to weight gain fast for girls with this tips?? For your information decreased metabolism while we sleep. So you eat nutritious before bed time be the easiest way to gain weight, because the body digest food more slowly.

You got the idea how to gain weight fast for girls? hopefully it will help you to gain your weight successfully as long as you follow the system nicely and discipline. Don’t give up if you still not get your ideal result. Maybe you need more time to increase your weight.